WWE 2K Battlegrounds - All Superstar Entrances #1 (Plus Bonus Gameplay)

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds entrances are pretty awesome. Short and sweet, which make for the perfect combo for the game. This video is "part 1" of every entrance in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which will continue post-release and showcase every entrance the game features.

This first compilation features the following 15 superstars; The Undertaker, The Fiend, The Rock, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Xavier Woods, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Andre The Giant, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sasha Banks, Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon.

Early access WWE 2K Battlegrounds content has arrived. Between now and release I'll be releasing numerous early gameplay videos for the game, featuring a variety of things on showcase. Its important to note that the build of the game I had access to was limited to 15 superstars and only steel cage tag team and fatal four way matches. It was a preview build and not the final version that will release. For most of the videos I also wasn't able to capture at the highest settings due to my own set-up restrictions, so the game will look visually better than what is shown.


Outro: TeknoAXE - Rap Rock Is Dead
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