Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle | World of Warships

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Super battleships make their "grand" entrance in a new battle type codenamed the "Grand Battle"
we've deactivated allied damage
the rocket-launching mechanics for attack aircraft have evolved
and loads more!

• A new branch of German destroyers is now live and ready to be researched!
• Prepare to fight in the Grand Battle—a new temporary battle type that sets super battleships on their path to dominating our seas! You'll also get to try out the new "adjustment firing" game mechanic when you head into battle at the helms of these vast floating fortresses.
• The rocket-launching mechanics of all attack aircraft have evolved.
• Damage can no longer be inflicted to allied ships! Rest assured, your ships are now safe (when it comes to friendly fire from your allies, at least)! Reckless teammates can no longer damage or destroy you.
• Recruitment Points are being reworked and will re-emerge as a more versatile resource named "Community Tokens."
• Prepare your bids for a new auction dedicated to the Independence Day, and get ready for some combat mission groups that offer Colorado, clad in her Independence Day permanent camouflage, as the ultimate reward!


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