The Marías - Calling U Back (Official Video)

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Our album, CINEMA, is here! This is the second track from the album, and it's one of our favorites.

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Directed by Bethany Vargas and Maria Zardoya
Video written by Maria Zardoya, Bethany Vargas, Josh Conway
Producer: Alexis Galmin
Production Coordinator: Parker Vaughn
Cinematographer: Scott Siracusano
1st AC: Adam Marquez
2nd AC: Jack Deichert
Key Grip: Brendan Riel
Best Grip: Kyle Sorvig
Grip: Cale Nichols
Grip Driver: Hank Bolton
Gaffer: Sebastian Johnson
Best Electric: Haneul Sky Kim
Remote Head: Op Jake Poole
1st AD: Alexis Galmin
Production Designer: Natalie Falt
Art Assistant: Payton Newcomer
Art Assistant: Robert Kompare
Production Manager: Cristina Pillajo
HMU: Leticia Llesmin
Key PA: Edward Friedlander
PA: Cristina Pillajo
PA: Damien Pettway
PA: Marvin Figueroa
BTS Photographer: Natalie Hewitt
Styled by Maria Zardoya and Bethany Vargas, special thanks to Courtney Trop and Lennon Kloser

Post Producer: Alexis Galmin
Editors: Josh Conway, Bethany Vargas, Maria Zardoya
Color: Strack Azar
VFX: The Frender
Film Processing: Spectra Film and Video

Thank you to the Kern County Film Commision and California Highway Patrol.

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Imma live in the past
Look at the videos
Imma give you the wheel
What do you wanna know?
And I’m calling you back
Don’t wanna be alone
Cuz you do me like that, why would you do me like that?

Mama told me keep it real
I can do anything
Imma give you the world
Spin it and live in it
But I’m calling you back
Don’t wanna be alone
Cuz you do me like that, why would you do me like that?

When I wake up
Tell me it’s a song and not a breakup
I’ll see you in the morning when we make up
You want me out of your life too soon

So can you lay here
Make a drink and have a holiday here
Diamonds on the bed to hold your place here
I won’t be out of your life too soon


I’ve been on my level, don’t mess around
Maybe I’m the devil that brought you down
Meet me on the other side, yeah
I’ll meet you on the other side, yeah

I guess i messed up babe I deserve this
I’m calling you back, pick up, out of service
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