Stimulus Update & News in 3 Minutes - Tuesday November 17th

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Your second stimulus check update, stimulus package update, news update, and stimulus check 2 update for Tuesday November 17th. Everything you need to know in 3 minutes!

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Yesterday Joe Biden spoke on his plan for the economy and the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of him and Trump working together.

Joe said, quote "More people may die if we don't coordinate,"

Currently though that does not seem to be the case.

Trump’s administration will be working on it’s own distribution plan for the pandemic control, while BIden's chief of staff for his transition team will be moving forward with their own plan.

As the nation is looking at a rocky transition, as well as a retail holiday season that is poised to underperform.

Although unemployment dropped 1% last month and the GDP showed record growth economists warn that the $2 trillion from the last stimulus package has run its course.

Even with retailers offering sales and discounts both in store and online, retail grew by only

We’ll see how Black Friday and Cyber Monday do to boost those numbers.

While people may be scrambling over one another Democrats seem to be scrambling around themselves.

Losing 10 seats in the House this election, and many members expressing their frustrations with the current Speaker Nancy, Democrats are in a little bit of conflict.

However, Nancy does not see it that way showing this by sharing her high hopes they will work together and still hold the upper hand.

She added. “I look forward to our continuing this productive dialogue.”

Although Pelosi ran unopposed on the first ballot, if there is a need for a second ballot, Republicans could potentially write in another Democrat with backing and replace Nancy.

This is a stretch, but Nancy’s support has lessened the longer her “productive” talks go on.

While the Congress Circus goes round and round Trump’s legal team is losing ground.

Monday the Supreme Court took no action on the Pennsylvania challenge to stop incoming votes after the election.

However Justice Samuel Alito did order that the state separate all ballots that arrived after election day in case they were needed in court later.

Trump’s fight seems to continue however we are seeing the number of options he can take declining.

Current Events:

Waffle House has teamed up with Georgia's Oconee Brewing company and came up with a bacon-flavored beer.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are testifying in front of the Senate on false information and free speech today.

import prices unexpectedly fell in October by It is believed this may be due to the cost of petroleum products and a range of other goods declined.

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