Sea of Ghosts Music Video, Interview + Behind the Scenes Twin Falls, Idaho

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Twin Falls graduate Betsy (Wokersien) Stephens wrote a message of the hope after suffering a personal loss. With the help of two professional musicians in her family, she writes and records music to share her feelings of hope. Working with classmate and good friend Jim Paxton, along with other family, friends, and local businesses, creates music video… “After listening to the words and the lyrics of the music of Sea of Ghosts, my wife Tami and I wanted to help spread the message. Betsy and her husband Rod had an idea of creating a music video that accompanied the message in the song Betsy wrote. Having helped produce 2 documentaries, I had some knowledge and resources to call upon to produce a music video. I contacted a good friend and film producer Mark Bork of Mark Bork Productions and together we agreed we wanted to tell their story. I also reached out to my business partners at Snake River Pool & Spa and they agreed to help support Tami and I in the creation of Sea of Ghosts into a music video. A special thank you to all of our friends, family and business associates who gave of their time to bring you this music video, Sea of Ghosts.” -Jim & Tami Paxton
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