Minecraft 1.17 Texture Packs are getting insane! ( Cave Update )

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The Minecraft Cave and cliffs update has bought with it a lot of texture packs that are actually insane!
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Welcome back to another daily dose of Minecraft episode! In this one we feature some awesome Minecraft texture and resource packs, awesome new survival maps, playing getting lucky and unlucky, clever datapack ideas, Minecraft funny moments and some showcases of why the create mod is the best mod out there right now!

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Clips Used:

1 I was working on my stray farm when suddenly these little fellas appeared. By Akerlake

2 Today I learned this bug exists By Petonius

3 Was just trying to find elytras By ScorchFalcon

4 So I made a datapack which makes it impossible to By MrMakistein


5 I made a working Rubiks Cube that solves itself using the Create Mod By SleeperPin

6 I Played Minecraft on a Potato literally - The potato slices act as a keyboard By Seth_Altobelli

7 Little known fact You can crowdsurf in Minecraft By Daydreaming_Machine

8 Ever wonder what 5 people clicking a note block sounds like? By Gturnz

9 I am working on my Ax-A-Lot resourcepack, thought I share a piece. By Dirkie_power

10 My first datapack that item had an crafting recipe By Alarmed_Ad1946

11 He fell for one of the classic blunders By Andy_Striker

12 Optifine zoom+ Wii zoom+ Powdered snow + Spyglass + Fov 30 + Slowness By Aquaster4166

13 I made Skeleton and Glowing Axolotls By BlazePlayz


14 Glow Squids make interesting chandeliers By Cactusz81

15 When nature hates your friend By No-Watch1464

16 when in doubt and fear, use the environment :D By Incited_and_Bluee

17 Sad day today By Lord_gsn

18 Sorting at its finest with the create mod By CABi_A

19 My massive 12k x 12k survival/adventure map is getting a huge new update. It features 500+ unique structures, 14+ custom villages,
tons of dungeons, puzzles, fast travel, weapons with abilities,
a main quest, and much more! By Keeko100

20 axolotls are the best food item we have ever gotten By Sprillet

21 I made myself a model train using immersive portals and immersive trains! By SquashuaSnipes

22 In my hardcore world, I fought four withers at once By Biaxial__

23 My favourite texture pack for the spyglass funny what meme in minecraft link in comments By FatPiglin69420

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