Minecraft 1.16 Speedrun Attempts

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if you can hit a default dance, hmu jk jk
This is a Minecraft random seed any% glitchless stream, Welcome to the Stream! make sure to check the description for more info and my socials!

???? Tiktok - wishyouweresamdao (Posting sneak peeks of videos and clips here)

???? JOIN THE ANTI-SIMP CLUB (Memberships) ????

???? Robinhood Referral -
???? Instagram -
???? Snapchat - sammdao
???? Twitter -
????️ Discord Server -
???? Tiktok - @wishyouweresamdao?lang=en
????stonks -
???? Business Email - samdaotv@ (Business Only Please)

???? Stream Schedule ????
7:45-7:50 Start time, usually will stream for around 2 and a half hours.

???? EQUIPMENT ????
Headset - ATH m50xBT -
Mouse - Razer Deathadder Elite -
Keyboard - SteelSeries Apex RAW -
Microphone - Neewer NW-700 -
XLR cable -
Webcam - Logitech C310 (you can get a better one with the current prices, anyways all i get is complaining about it) I would buy this one -

???? Q&A ????
Q: Do you remember me?
A: yes.

Q: what version?
A: Java yuh know the version everyone hates with a passion

Q: What is PB?
A: PB = personal best, and it is 27:00, I hate this game

Q: Why do you have a steve skin?
A: I don't know my verification question answers so I'm stuck with it, anyways steve is the best skin

Q: what do I stream with?
A: OBS - original banana sandwich

Q: How old am I?
A: 18 American years old so far

Q: PC specs?
A: i5-8600k, 1080ti, 32gb of RAM, none of the rest matters

Q: Why do you keep resetting?
A: I'm borderline insane Pog

MUSIC - Harris Heller's Streambeats (Thank you so much)

Game: Minecraft
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