MAJOR STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE! $1,400 Checks Sooner! - $1.9T Stimulus With MONTHLY checks! $1.9T Plan

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#stimulusupdate #cashact #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate

MAJOR Stimulus Check Update! Historic Week in Congress! The Senate and House of Representatives held a vote that would allow them to pass stimulus without bipartisan support. HUGE! This update covers SSI + SSDI, monthly stimulus checks for children dependents and $1400 checks and unemployment and unemployment extensions! Now looking like the $15 per hour wage hike bill will not be included in the relief package.

Talks are ramping up for congress to include monthly checks for children dependents!

The Senate began voting on new Amendments to the $ Dollar Stimulus Package! Some Shockers were voted on!

#stimulusupdate #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate #2000stimuluscheck #thirdstimulusupdate #monthlystimuluschecks

HUGE pressure from Democrats to include MONTHLY STIMULUS CHECKS! Now we are looking at $2,000 Monthly stimulus checks?

Major Update on child tax credit on stimulus package! (Also monthly)

Major Executive Orders being put through, for better or worse? Third Stimulus Package Update!

#stimulusupdate #unemploymentbenefits #secondstimuluspackage #stimuluscheckupdate #americanrescueplan #2000stimuluscheck

Multiple stimulus checks in the works. What will you do with the money? Bills? Invest? Save? Donate? Should we support massive debt?

Major Stimulus Check Update! $2,000 Stimulus check update! What are you doing with your stimulus money?

President Trumps signs the relief bill sending $600 checks to all qualifying individuals. All unemployment extensions and unemployment benefit boosts are all approved! FPUC is ready to roll. PPP money is back on the table for businesses. $2,000 Stimulus checks are still on the table. Many states are now starting to pay the $300 unemployment benefit boost starting this week.

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