Let's Check Out Valorant's New Breeze Map – New Gameplay Today Live

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After the blistering cold players fought through in Icebox, Valorant Ep. 2 Act 3 introduces a tropical setting with the new Breeze map. Join Alex Van Aken and special guest Eric Van Allen (Senior News Reporter, Destructoid) for another episode of New Gameplay Today Live, as he checks out Valorant's new battle pass while battling it out on a remote island located in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle.

The latest arena, Breeze, is a gorgeous, tropical island located in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. This time around, Riot focused on creating a balance between wider chokepoints and geographical features that prioritize long range engagements. Valorant’s loop has always emphasized mechanical skill and weapon accuracy; Breeze will likely put your aim and positioning knowhow to the test. You can scroll through the gallery above to get a better understanding of Breeze’s structure.

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