fighting the ghosts of insecurities: let's talk about body positivity and self-confidence ep 01?????

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EP 01
fighting the ghosts of insecurity: let's talk about body positivity and self confidence with me aka Sibani and my best friend Anushka????????????#LOVEYOURSELF

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my channel! we both wanted to talk about so much regarding this topic that we had to split the video into two eps(halves) the next part will be up soon where we will talk about our struggles and about body standards and how grateful we are to have our friends with us who always uplift us! This part just highlights a little insight to our insecurities and our journey's! We got to know the concept of loving ourselves more deeply with BTS and they made us realise we are who we are and we should accept it and embrace ourselves. Let's all try to love ourselves and not hate on eachother. Uplift others and not shatter their self confidence into pieces. Make this world a better place!❤️

wholeheartedly, sibani.
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