Coronavirus Monday 3rd August Update

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Cases, 18, 102, 671
Deaths, 689, 908

Cases, 18, 318
Deaths, 221

Cases, + 397 + 671 + 429 = 11, 937
Active cases, 6,489
Deaths, 136

Week 23 to 29 July 2020:

Over 2,500 cases reported

An increase from over 2,200 in the week prior

Mostly 10 to 49 years

Approximately 6% per cent of the cases recently diagnosed have been admitted to hospital

Daniel Andrews

Six weeks, curfew, 8pm to 5am

One person per household to shop for groceries once a day.

State of disaster in Victoria

Masks mandatory when leaving home.

Can only travel within 5 km radius for shopping or exercise

Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne



Rubbish tips, retail (excluding essential post and grocery), clubs, bars, accommodation, food courts, travel agents, all schools (except for people in essential work can send kids), elective surgery, museums, parks, arts, cinemas, brothels, strip clubs, gambling, all religious centres


Medical/ health/ aged care
Cafe and restaurant (takeaway delivery only)
Hardware (Click and collect only)
Essential services
Emergency services
Building sector (limited to pilot staff only)

Heavy fines in place.



Cases, + 48,849 = 4,677,300
Deaths, + 421 = 155, 333

Past 2 weeks

An average of 61,815 cases per day
7 % down from 2 weeks ago

Dr. Birx

Different from March and April

Extraordinarily widespread

Rural areas, you are not immune or protected

Crucial for all parts of the country to follow safety precautions,

Special warnings for multigenerational households

Assume you are positive if there is an outbreak in your area

Urging states with high numbers to virtual school

House parties, superspreading events rather than superspreading individuals

These need to stop

Dr Desmond Carson (California ER)

Wear masks

Grocery clerks should not have to fight customers

Obesity in the US

Prevalence of obesity was in 2017~2018

From 1999–2000 through 2017–2018, the prevalence of obesity increased from to

Prevalence of severe obesity increased from to

Heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and several cancers

Breast, colon, uterine, oesophageal, pancreas, renal, hepatic, stomach, gall bladder, ovarian, thyroid, myeloma

Black people


Up to 20 July

Infections, Health ministry = 278,827.

Infections, Leaked government = 451,024

Deaths, Health ministry = 14,405

Deaths, Leaked government = 42,000


Cases, + 2, 110

90-minute tests


Local plan much more likely to succeed than nationally imposed measures

Matt Ashton, director of public health for Liverpool,

Multi-generational transmission

Enhanced outbreak control action plan

Princes Park

Community volunteers are going door to door

Raise awareness of testing availability and to promote key public health messages

Pop-up walk-in test centre is also available.

Suspension of gatherings and events in the area

Continued closure of community buildings

Shielding continued

Prevent more draconian lockdown

I think trust is a massive issue here. I just don’t think we have trust in the national system for people to tell us what we need to do.

Therefore we are much more likely to have success if we lead this locally, if we use our community champions and leaders, our faith leaders and our volunteers, and use people who actually understand the area, live and work in the area and get the message across that way.

Response from the community to the new measures has been “phenomenal”


Cases, + 25,800 = 2, 333, 677

Deaths, + 541 = 94, 104


Cases, + 52,972 = 1, 803, 695

50,000 for fifth day

Deaths, + 771 = 38,135

South Africa
Cases, 511485
Deaths, 8,366
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