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We are pleased to announce we have launched Lakshya CAPF 2020 : Crack CAPF AC in 120 Days on Unacademy for CAPF AC 2020 preparation in Goal CDS/AFCAT/CAPF in Unacademy Plus.
In this course, Prashant Jagtap, along with the Top Educators will cover the syllabus and preparation strategy to crack CAPF. The course will be helpful for aspirants preparing for CDS/AFCAT/CAPF. Learners at any stage of their preparation will be benefited by the course.

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In this session, Educator Prashant Jagtap will be sharing light on UPSC CAPF AC 2020 CAPF AC Master paper 2 and how to crack UPSC CAPF AC 2020 for UPSC CAPF AC 2020 aspirants. A detailed explanation will be provided by Ex - Asst. Comdt. Prashant Jagtap on how to prepare for the UPSC CAPF 2020 examination, complete preparation strategy for UPSC CAPF AC, how to crack CAPF AC in 150 days, Booklist for CAPF AC 2020, Study plan for CAPF AC 2020, study material for CAPF AC 2020, mistakes to avoid in CAPF AC 2020 exam, books for CAPF AC 2020, syllabus for CAPF AC 2020, Tips for CAPF AC 2020 etc. He will also provide information about training, job profile, operation by an assistant commandant. This video will be beneficial for aspirants preparing for UPSC CAPF AC 2020.

He will also be answering any queries related to the CAPF AC Exams. Educator Asst. Comdt. Prashant Jagtap will also be sharing his personal experience as a CISF Assistant Commandant officer. You can ask the educator live about the life of an Assistant Commandant, the job role of an Assistant Commandant, day to day activities of an Assistant Commandant, the salary of an Assistant Commandant, promotion of assistant commandant, facilities for an assistant commandant etc.

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