Airplane Car & Limo Transporter Simulator Game 2021 - Android Gameplay

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You can experience how it is to transport cars yourself, just like real transporters. Because of the realistic setting and challenges Airplane Car Transporter requires a lot of coordination and efficiency. Don’t think that things will come easy, you need to really master this amazing combination of truck driving games and car driving simulator games. There is huge number of cars across locations, you need to put them all in a truck and transfer the truck to a plane. Are you ready for new and real transportation challenges?


First you have to load the Cars/Jeeps into the Trailer Truck and Park that fully loaded Truck in Cargo Plane and fly that Big-Bird towards the destination in required time. Then you need to load up the airplane and become the best possible pilot! After reaching at the nearby airport you have to load cars from the cargo plane into trailer truck and park that fully loaded truck at the destination and become the real car transporter HERO! Stunning car transporter game that will keep you engaged at all times.


✅ Feel the experience of flying Cargo Plan.
✅ Multiple Vehicles like Cars/Jeeps/Trailer Truck/Cargo Plan.
✅ Smooth Cargo Plane Handling and Flying controls.
✅ Amazing Trailer Truck with smooth controls.
✅ 3D and Eye Catchy Environment.
✅ Real feel of flying Airplane and Smooth Flight Handling.
✅ Level based game with missions to accomplish.
✅ Easy & intuitive driving controls
✅ Realistic car driving simulator
✅ Top notch combination of car transporter games and driving simulator games
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