5.0 Resto Mustang Front Seat Brace Repair Plate Kit (79-04) - Install

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Eliminate the need to replace the entire floor pan seat brace and reduce costly repairs with this Resto seat brace repair kit. After years of excessive force and abuse at the track, your Mustang may experience small tears around the seat studs or the studs have completely ripped out from the seat brace. The seat brace is a spot welded piece underneath the carpet that spans the width of the floor pan and plays a crucial role in structural support while housing the front studs for the seat tracks. This kind of damage to the brace causes the front seat to feel extremely loose and exposes numerous safety concerns. To address this unfortunate issue, Resto is happy to present their solution-based repair kit to properly fix damaged seat braces or prevent future damage from occurring all while saving you time and money. As with any project, every application is different and some cars will have worse damage than others, but this damage typically occurs on the driver's side. Depending on the severity of the damage, small tears will be able to be reinforced with the included steel plates, and the included j-nuts won't be needed. However, if the studs have been completely ripped out, the seat brace will have to be clearanced to properly install the new j-nuts.

Resto Quality

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Mustangs, the experts at Resto have taken the time to meticulously research and design this problem-solving, time-saving, and solution-based kit to eliminate all guesswork when repairing your project car. In order to provide a superior fitment over the seat brace, Resto utilizes heavy-duty 1/8" thick steel that is precisely bent and laser cut. To fasten these durable repair plates in place, all new corrosion-resistant hardware is provided to ease the installation process. Built with pride, this repair kit resembles the commitment and high level of detail Resto has for fixing the 1979-2004 Mustang platform. Confidently repair seat brace damage on your Mustang with the help of this detail-oriented kit from industry leader Resto.

Product Notes

This kit will raise the front seats roughly 3/16th's of an inch, so if you are tall, please ensure you will have enough room between your head and the headliner.

To provide more room, you can lean the seat back one notch on the seat recline position to provide more clearance for your head.

Installation Notes

The included steel plates can be welded into place or they can simply be secured with the provided through bolts.

If you decide to weld the plates into place, please make sure to remove any paint or coating from this area to ensure a good weld.

Since the plates arrive in a bare finish, it would in your best interest to paint the plates to prevent surface rust.

If your seat brace is deemed beyond repair, we offer the entire 1979-1993 Mustang floor pan seat brace and this seat brace repair kit can be installed for additional insurance for the new brace.

On 1986-1991 Mustang applications, the fuel pump relay bracket will need to be bent accordingly to clear the new plate and any wiring harnesses may need to be repositioned alongside the seat brace.


Fits 1979-2004 Mustang

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